A One-on-One With Linx Dating Founder Amy Andersen — How She Became «Silicon Valley’s Cupid»

The Short Version: Whether they’re generating the newest model of an already-cool product or coming up with another huge thing in technology, singles in Silicon Valley can lead hectic physical lives — meaning internet dating usually gets put on the backburner. Since 2003, Linx Dating as well as its Founder Amy Andersen have now been approaching the requirements of these hectic, relationship-minded specialists with a curated, individualized, and intuition-based matchmaking program.


From Google to Apple to Lyft to Github, Silicon Valley is acknowledged for the juggernaut tech organizations and innovative start-ups, to such an extent that there surely is also a favorite Television program named after it. Silicon Valley normally recognized for the passionate, hardworking, imaginative, and devoted those who work at these firms — which gives really to an effective career but not fundamentally a fruitful dating existence.

«A lot of these everyone is very concentrated the help of its jobs that certain time they awaken and believe ‘Oh my gosh, I want to discover my personal match. How can I start undertaking that?'» mentioned local matchmaker Amy Andersen. Linx Dating is actually the way they go about doing that.

Founded by Amy in 2003, Linx, for small, is a curated matchmaking service for all busy, high-profile single experts in Silicon Valley together with encompassing Bay Area (and additionally all around the globe) who possessn’t had the oppertunity to obtain the connection they desire. These days, the firm is called «Silicon Valley’s Matchmaker» and Amy their «Cupid.»

Amy not too long ago told united states towards «aha moment» that began all of it, the girl client-to-client vetting process, the algorithm-less, intuition-based matchmaking, and private relationships she creates making use of people she assists.

Bridging the Gap Between solitary Men in Silicon Valley & solitary ladies in San Francisco

The motivation for Linx was available in 2000 while Amy was involved in personal customer services at a tech organization in San Francisco but staying in Silicon Valley. Whether or not it was at work, through pals, or out and about, Amy often came across gents and ladies who had been informed, winning, appealing, and well-rounded, but they were unmarried and don’t know the reason why.

Understanding both areas well, Amy pinpointed the challenge: there had been a lot more offered men in Silicon Valley than San Fran and more readily available ladies in San Fran than Silicon Valley. And their household, buddies, and jobs being in their own particular urban centers, deciding to make the 50-minute automobile day at satisfy special someone wasn’t the leader in their particular heads, Amy described.

«that has been my ‘aha moment’ in which I imagined ‘imagine if I happened to be to bridge this gap and produce these options of these great ladies in San Francisco and these fantastic males in Silicon Valley?'» she mentioned.

Amy after that spent the second three years doing as much study as she could, utilizing her business-oriented brain attain a far better notion of the marketplace and interest in this kind of matchmaking business. In 2003, when she had all her ducks in a row, she stop the girl work at Merrill Lynch, founded the business, and not looked right back.

«beginning Linx might one of the best decisions of living,» she said. «Facilitating these introductions and serving as a conduit between both of these class has proven to function effectively over the last 12+ decades that i have been doing this.»

Through the Application to Even the Wedding, Amy is There Every Step

Amy takes a rather practical approach together clients from starting to stop, getting to know each person individually, using their particular certain wants and requires through the matchmaking, and supplying the woman qualified advice all as you go along.

A One-on-One, complete Vetting Process Ensures High-Caliber Clientele

At Linx, it all starts with the standard of the customers. While different matchmaking organizations might take anybody who is applicable, Linx has a substantial referral-based vetting system that renders their particular clientele stand out from the remainder. Every aspiring member ought to be suggested by a former or current member, a buddy or contact of Amy’s, or the like.

Amy gets lots of recommendations day-after-day and displays each choice by herself. And if they’re 22 or 72, Asian or Latino, attorneys or artisans, Amy is seeking individuals who are smart, healthier, relationship-minded, accomplished, bold, and leading interesting schedules overall.

«so long as a person is excited about their particular career, that is what i am shopping for. Beyond that, I’m selecting those people who are well-rounded. Be it volunteering or cooking or whatever truly, i simply need to see they own a colorful, fascinating existence,» she said. «When someone states in my experience ‘All i really do is work’, i am probably not planning to like to utilize them. Not merely do they n’t have stability in their resides, but in my experience which is in addition indicative they lack time for a relationship.»

Following first testing, Amy sets up an one-on-one meet-and-greet, which she said is the most important element of getting a customer. That is where Amy gets to understand the individual, notice their unique private tale, and find out whatever theyare looking for in someone (and the things they’re maybe not shopping for).

First and foremost, Amy is actually identifying if her company will be the proper fit for both parties. Whether someone isn’t really 100per cent over their ex or have a difficult phase regarding existence, the woman instinct can tell if the time is actually down.

«The meet-and-greet is a vital treatment for myself but much more for this prospect attain a study of just what Linx is focused on,» she said. «folks derive the answers they are finding from meet-and-greet, that is certainly vital because anybody which decreases that highway to become litigant, I would like to make certain they think willing to accept this technique.»

When the meet-and-greet goes well, they will come-back for a follow-up interview with Amy before selecting the account which is ideal for them and getting started on matchmaking. And even though it looks like an extended process, Amy said it really is necessary because she wishes every member to be happy with Linx and vice versa.

Matchmaking That Combines the Client’s desires & Amy’s Intuition

Besides assessment every applicant, Amy is the only person at Linx who does the matchmaking, outsourcing the woman concierge solutions to specialists like pro wardrobe stylists, makeup writers and singers, and psychologists.

«this is certainly a very small, boutique, niche matchmaking organization in comparison to countless agencies which have big staffs and limbs worldwide and so on, therefore Linx is actually ultra customized due to that,» she said.

Her distinctive matchmaking system integrates the granular metrics of what the person wishes in a romantic date (their unique recommended level, age, earnings, etc. as well as their deal-breakers) and Amy’s organic ability and intuition for once you understand when two people belong together.

«These days, in terms of when I developed a match, about 75percent if it is generated by gut, that instinct that says ‘Oh my goodness, In my opinion i would get on to something here,'» Amy mentioned.

Centered on those aspects, Amy will then dominate, scouring her database of qualified singles until she locates the most perfect match each client.

On line Pre-Introductions Get Singles stoked up about their own Match

Once Amy provides the woman ideal pairing, she’s going to e-mail both folks a «baby bio» of every some other, providing them with a snapshot of the other peoples character, hobbies, appearance, and having them stoked up about how great they’d end up being with each other.

«I want my personal customers regarding the side of their own seats, jaws for the soil, like ‘OMG this individual appears remarkable,'» she said.

They are going to after that can ask Amy questions regarding their unique match and make an effort they should opt for by themselves if they think it’s appropriate. During this period, Amy additionally ensures the customers don’t know both, whether through work or social circles and on occasion even earlier online dating adventures, thus we have all a clean record.

«I find there is cross-pollination with my customers where they will have somehow have came across. I would like to avoid a situation where they will have already met or they will have glanced at every other’s using the internet pages and there was actually reasons they made a decision to forego that chance,» she mentioned.

The amount of time from Amy’s original mail towards pair agreeing to fulfill typically takes 72 many hours, and at that time Amy will be sending them a one-page, custom bio with much more juicy details, including their particular very first labels. Amy said she excludes last labels till the first big date so they are able stay away from Googling both, getting into their very own heads, and ruining the miracle.

In accordance with Amy getting traditional, she necessitates the man to call the woman (no texting or emailing!) within 5 days to set up an enjoyable go out where he treats the girl.

Going Beyond a Matchmaker to be a Liaison, Confidant, Friend & Adviser

When Amy tends to make a match, she does not merely send them down regarding the basic big date with a «all the best!» She offers pre-date training that throws her customers at ease and will teach all of them how to decrease their own hectic resides down (at least for just one night) She mentioned this is especially important in Silicon Valley, in which everyone is actually working 24/7 and always have a million views running all the way through their particular minds.

«i really want you to eliminate every little thing around you, all the interruptions in daily life,» Amy said. «I need one to carefully get ready for the time because these suits truly count. A whole lot is actually operating in it mentally and financially, so I want individuals watch those important details please remember essential those very first impressions tend to be.»

«Amy has surpassed every hope and I would recommend Linx. We have since satisfied a fantastic guy who i’d n’t have satisfied usually. We are getting situations slow and watching just what future holds.» — A Linx Associate

And because every user signs a two-year contract (that can easily be frozen whenever you want if they satisfy someone special), Amy becomes in the same way used as they are in this quest and is also capable develop a relationship beyond an expert one. She even receives invitations and photos of children who’ve been born from past users.

«that is largely precisely why i really do this — it is extremely fulfilling,» she stated. «Far beyond my task to be a matchmaker, i am a liaison, confidant, pal, and agent.»

Last Thoughts

Thanks to Amy’s dedication, resourcefulness, and love for the woman consumers, Linx is actually taking care of an under-served singles marketplace when you look at the online dating business, and she is only just scraped the outer lining about what she will bring to the Silicon Valley place and world. We are certainly getting excited about just what arrives next.

«I’ve worked really hard to build a fantastic reputation in this region, but personally i think like I have so much more unearthing to do to obtain further diverse and fascinating consumers whom i could help,» she mentioned.

For ladies who would like to join Linx Dating, click here. For males into registering, click here. You can also follow Linx and Amy on Twitter: @linxdating.